Telemarketing for Mortgage Business!

The first thing we must all do when looking to tele-market for more business is compliance. You must stay compliant with the national and state DNC (do not call) laws. To do this you must get a SAN (subscription account number) from the do not call registry. This SAN registers you so you can call into certain area codes. They give you 5 area codes for free for one year. If you want to call into more area codes then you can buy them. The registry sells them per area code and last time I checked they ran $65 each. Stick to the 5 free that you can start with and when you make money. Then buy some other area codes if you need to venture outside your call zone.

List- Now once you have your San number you want to start looking for a list. The main thing to think about is no matter what list vendor or Title Company you use, no matter what database they pull from, always make sure you ask them if they are scrubbing for DNC. You would be suprised what some people are doing out there. Oh wait this is a mortgage forum what am I saying, nothing can suprise you guys. Just make sure your lists are scrubbed for DNC by your SAN #. There are many types of databases that you can pull from which is another post for another day soon….

Phone line- you want to make sure that your caller ID states the name of your company and has a call back number that is reachable with an opt out message. There are some fine lines that people cross all the time but I would not suggest doing it. It’s easy to set up with what ever provider you use. They will all let you put what ever you want to show on their caller id, etc. No matter if you go VOIP or not that is a discussion for another day.

Scripts-think of a niche you want to call on and develop yourself a good script. You can find them all over the place on line. In a lot of places for free. Find some of those and get some ideas for your own. Think about if what market you want to target, sub-prime, arms, reverse, etc… Then write your script to target that market. This also becomes important when compiling your list. The main thing I always tell everyone is to keep the initial part of the script short and grab their attention. There are many ways to do this. Ill help with this later on in this thread as well.

Dialers-when starting out don’t worry about dialing systems. Get a real analog phone line or a VOIP one if you have to. Then start pounding away using your pre written script. Once you have your pitch down and you feel comfortable then we can start worrying about dialers. For those of you that are experienced in this and are ready for or have used dialers, I will talk about that soon so stay tuned. There are so many systems out there that you want to have all the knowledge about each type. I’ll share this with you in the next post or two.

Review, get set up for SAN, make sure phone line is right, get a list provider, and hang on for the ride. For those of you who are already dialing definatly stay tuned, I can teach you guys a few really great tricks as well to increase your production. Trust me I have 24 Tele marketers myself.   I’ll be teaching you all that I have learned over the years in the next few posts.

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