Direct Mail – part 2

Once you get your target audience down you have to figure out just exactly what you are going to send them. There are all types of mail pieces from post cards, to personalized handwritten letters, to black and white printed letters for mass mailers, to full color letters that show a high professionalism IMO, to even snap pack letters that print on inside of the envelope with tear off edged. Thats just the content options themselves, then you have packaging. IF you are targeting a very small audience and you are hand writing the letter you are probably going to simply handwrite the envelope and send it. Time your area by sending yourself a piece and make sure it hits on either a Tuesday Wed or Thursday (best from my experiences)

If you don’t want to do it yourself because it takes too much time find yourself a trustworthy mail house. As you search the internet you see many print houses or mail houses advertise all kinds of different color envelopes with sizes and tricky printing, etc…. The thing to most think about when looking for your piece is…

1) what’s my budget? (try to find yourself the best way to reach the MOST targeted audience for your budget)

2) How saturated is your state or the audience you are mailing? (this will make a huge difference in how you hit them) If you are mailing to a small town state like WI or AL you may want to use a nice color piece letter with a picture. Color envelope is helpful but really a standard #10 black and white will do since these folks are hit as ofter and they will open almost every mail piece. This will give them that sense of comfort they are used to.

You can do the same thing in bigger cities but since they get hit harder I like to use unique packaging and cheaper print (black and white) so that you can reach a few more people with you budget. If they open it they will read it usually. The bigger cities are hit more often nationally by many industries so keep that in mind when picking out your envelope. It has to either look very official or be a difference size or color than most mail, (my favorite is official looking ones as in these times people want security in any financial move they do.

3) If you choose to do post cards there are two things to think about….
Pros and Cons

-They see your face and read your message right away
-they are much cheaper than direct printed mail
-great for converting renters to buyers
-since they are cheaper you can hit almost 40-50% more people in one drop or you can drop multiple times to the same list to get name recognition

-they look cheaper to some consumers that frown on them
-They are not as personal
-they get much lower response on refi drops (they do good on purchase campaigns though)
-its hard to get a good point across to them with such a small amount of room to print on

IN CONCLUSION: If you are going to mail you get your list and then find an affordable way of mailing to them. Think about the homeowner and what they would open first of all and then make the content something readable. It can’t be boring, make it pop. If you have never mailed before try to find an honest mail house that can print and mail for you. They normally get the best rates in the biz and the good ones don’t mark up the postage on you which saves you money as well. Not many of them include the data source with your mailing but you can can find one that does then you may want to go with them. If the mail piece drops and fails you only have one company to call and blame not a mail house and then a data vendor. Just do good research on finding one and you should be good.

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